Hampshire Area Group - Meetings and Location Details

This page contains details of contacts and local events in the 16mmngm calendar for the Hampshire area.
It is part of the Castagnola South Light Railway website.

Informal meetings are held on the second Friday of each month - the venue now being used by the club is at Portchester, Seaway Grove : it is the separate building right at the end of the lane. The postcode is PO16 9HN and there will be meetings from about 20:00hrs onwards. A donation of £1.50 is requested to cover coffee/tea and biscuits each visit as this is also home to the Fareham and District Model Railway Club, who model in N, 00 and O gauges. A call to one of us can explain further if required or your sat-nav is confused!
Usually there are experienced folk about to help with any difficulties and boiler testing can be carried out by myself - please make contact with a little notice before arriving to ensure it is all ready, or we can arrange another time here in Waterlooville. It will probably be best to contact me prior to attending to ensure what time the doors will be open, or if you just want more info. Use the email address link at the foot of this page if needed.

## NOTE: Meeting 5th August 2019 will NOT be at the Portchester base. ##
We are instead invited to run on Martin and Tom Petch's line this month - please get in touch using the email address below if you need directions.
If the weather dictates outdoor running to be impractical we will revert to Portchester - check here for latest news on the day.

Our next modules outing is at Hollycombe, a two day event - heres hoping for good weather! We're also gearing up for the Exeter Garden Railway Show later in the year as the distance dictates logistics are more complex, even for a one day show.
We have many things to discuss for the future of the modules, such as steaming rota's Those who are module custodians should click thru to the expanded bookings page and verify your information and attendance is complete and correct on the page, so that we can be sure who is attending each show. This is very important so that we can be sure to make the best set up each time, and don't for example, construct an end before you arrive one day meaning we have to take things apart again!

We have adopted the 16mm Association standards for SM32 at 150mm centre from the front edge of the board. Our boards are 600mm wide so we will step a further 150mm to the centre of the next (optional) track which can be of either gauge, then a further 150mm to the centre of the 45mm gauge.
The above removes the complexity of dual gauge trackwork, whilst remaining compatible with the Association 32mm only boards, so long as those with 45mm tracks are together.
We have discovered that Peco offer rail joiners to connect LGB type rail to Peco SM45, ensuring the running surface remains true. This allows us to use LGB, Aristo or Accucraft track for the 45mm side, so long as those boards have the SM32 lifted by 2mm along their length to make up the difference in height of the G-Scale track. I've done this by laying a 2mm cork sheet under the SM32 rails. As the modules have no rigid fixing between them, they can be clamped together with a 2mm step so that the running is not impeded.
There is an active Facebook Group for people with modules which shows what others are doing and is a useful place for sharing ideas. It is worth a visit for inspiration too - there are some modules that are definately non-standard but can still connect to the rest of the 'world'.
See the 16mm Association Website for standards details.
An article written by Tom Petch on his progress on his modified Mamod is available here : Tom has added many features including radio control to his loco, and the project is on-going!
Another Tom Petch article descibes the Petch's Belgian HO Layout : be sure to have a read.
A third Tom Petch article descibes Toms Mamod Further Mods : take a look.
Meanwhile, both Tom and Martin have been volunteering on the IoW and running on 45mm lines there too. See Here for an account of their activities.

Please email steam@cslr.co.uk for CSLR and 16mm Association information.
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